Saturday, 20 February 2016

Five Exercise Routines You Can Do Around Your House

We all know it can be hard to motivate yourself when it comes to exercise. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day, and even when there is, trekking to the gym or going out in the rain often seems like more effort than it’s worth.

Here are five easy workouts you can do at home to get the benefits of exercise, but without all the hassle.

1) Jumping Jacks – Feel like you should exercise, but don’t want to miss your favourite show? Why not do a few jumping jacks in front of your TV while you watch?

2) Stair Stepping – We all know what a workout climbing stairs can be, so why not utilise the ones you have at home? Even if you don’t have stairs, find yourself a sturdy chair, or even a large book!

3) Yoga – There are countless tutorials online that you can access for free. Just find an empty space in front of your computer and press play.

4) Water Bottle Weights – Want to work out your upper-body? Get yourself a couple of big water bottles and use them like dumbbells. When it starts getting easy, just add more water.

5) Dancing – Everybody loves a little dance. If you’re home alone (or just don’t care who is watching), why not turn up the volume on one of your favourite playlists and have a little boogie? Go on, you know you want to.

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