Thursday, 18 February 2016

Five Theatre Shows To See In London

London’s West End is full of shows for you to visit on your next trip to London.

1. Les Miserables
Political Musical
Set in post-revolutionary France following prisoner Jean Valjean who has broken his parole and is being hunted down by police inspector Javert.

2. Book of Mormon 
Religion and eroticism Musical
A religious satirical musical about two Mormon missionaries as they try to share their views with a Ugandan village. The locals do not care as they have bigger worries.

3. Wicked Classic Musical
A story of how the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz became so wicked and also how Glinda became the good witch. The musical also shows the forming of a very unlikely friendship.

4. Guys and Dolls
Take a Chance Musical New York tale about nightclub singers, gamblers and gangsters. Nathan Detroit needs money for an illegal dice and quick! Is this one gamble of his life that he won’t lose?

5. Kinky Boots True-story Musical
Charlie Price inherits his father’s boot-making factory and he needs to save it from bankruptcy. Lola is an entertainer and she needs some fabulous stilettos which Charlie agrees to make in his factory.

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