Sunday, 21 February 2016

Five Free Apps to help organise your life

As a population we spend most of our time using technology, whether that be using  computers, phones or tablets.

1. Evernote
A workspace which can be accessed across computer, tablet and phone. Use it to write notes on the go, whenever and wherever you need!

Lets the user keep an eye on what tasks they’ve got to do. The best thing about this app is it can be accessed anywhere and can be constantly updated if there are more tasks which need adding.

3. Lastpass
Keep all your passwords for all of your websites, emails safe in one place. There are three different pricings available, but the main one is free to use and is the one most people will need.

4. Microsoft Apps
Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook are all available on a phone or tablet. It makes it much easier to access documents you need on the go when you don’t have your computer/laptop with you.

5. CityMapper
Travelling around London is made easy with this app. It tells the easiest and quickest route to get around. It also gives you the price for your journey.

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