Sunday, 21 February 2016

Spring Clean Your Life Now

Still swamped under the junk you promised to get rid of this year? Start spring right by de-cluttering your life. Researchers at Princeton University found that you’re less likely to process information correctly if you’re surrounded by clutter.

SWAP unwanted clothes

De-clutter your wardrobe by getting rid of the old and trade it in for something better, for completely free. Hold your own “Swishing” party by swapping clothes you don’t wear anymore with your friends. An instant wardrobe update without the price tags.

Visit to find ones near you.

SELL anything you don’t want

Ditch the DVDs and auction off albums you haven’t touched since the noughties. Selling online is an easy way of letting go of unnecessary things and earning a little money in return. Start your bids now!

Sell online at

RECYCLE loose paper

When was the last time you read that paper that’s been there on your table since you moved in? With the average person in the UK getting through around 38kg of newspapers per year, why not do the planet and your home some good and recycle any unwanted paper.

Visit to find out more info on recycling.

KEEP empty jars

Not only for holding delicious spreads, but jars are versatile enough to use around the house from your bathroom to your garden. DIY sites like Pinterest are great for ideas!

Check out for inspiration.

GIVE food bags to charity

Stocked with food you’ve barely eaten? Donating food to those who need it most is a great way of doing something good while also helping yourself. Make sure any food you give is unopened and check the use by and best before dates before giving.

Visit to locate food banks near you.

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