Sunday, 21 February 2016

Three Easy Ways To The Perfect Summer Garden

The gardening season has begun and whilst it may not be you’re first thought, to get the garden perfect for the summer its time to start working! Here’s an easy guide for what needs to be done this season to have your garden ready for the warmer temperatures:
1) The grass is ready to be woken after its sleep during the winter. Nothing sets spring like the smell of cut grass so get pruning ready for making the garden a more attractive place to be. 2) If you’re looking to sew seeds for a vegetable garden then wait until soil reaches at least 6C. Items like salad vegetables and greens can start to be sewn in first just wait for the ground to be at the perfect temperature.

3) Start pruning by removing weeds and overgrowth throughout the garden as sunshine and grass cutting will start to bring the plants back to life, stop them in their tracks by pruning early.

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